Match The Words In Column A With Their Synonym Or Definition In Column B.Aska 1. Greedy 2. Share 3. Yummy 4. Territory 5. Border 6. Mess 7. Behaviour 8. Hit 9. Promise 10. Look Forba. Area Of Land The Control Of A Ruleb. Statement Telling Somebody That You Will Definitely Do Or Not Do Somethingc. Dirty Or Untidy Stated. Way Of Behavinge. Bring Something Forcefully Against Somebody/Somethingf. Very Good To Eatg. Edge Of Something H. Try To Find Somebody/Somethingi. Divide Something Between Two Or More People J. Want More Of Something Than Is Necessary​

Pertanyaan : Match the words in column A with their synonym or definition in column B.askA 1. greedy 2. share 3. yummy 4. territory 5. border 6. mess 7. behaviour 8. hit 9. promise 10. look forBa. area of land the control of a ruleb. statement telling somebody that you will definitely do or not do somethingc. dirty or untidy stated. way of behavinge. bring something forcefully against somebody/somethingf. very good to eatg. edge of something h. try to find somebody/somethingi. divide something between two or more people J. want more of something than is necessary​

Jawaban :
1. j2. i3. f4. a5. g6. c7. d8. e9. b10. h

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