Affan : I Think This Year We Better Not Have Vacation, Just Stay At Home.Wira: Why?Affan : Because Covid-19 Is Still Haunting Us. Do You Agree With Me?Wira: I’M Sorry, But I Don’T Agree With You.Affan : Any Reason?Wira: Because Covid Is Not That Dangerous Anymore. Even The Government Does Not Prohibit Us From Going Abroad.Affan : But There Are Some Cases That Still Exist.Wira : I Know. The Most Important Thing Is That We Must Obey The Health Protocol. So We Can Go For Vacation Safely.Betrand : I Agree With You, Wirawira: How About You, Affan. Do We Have The Same Point Of View Now?Affan: I Think So.Betrand: Great! Then Let’S Make A Plan. From The Text We Know Thata. Wira Finally Agrees With The Two Of His Friendsb. Affan Thinks There Is No More Case Of Coronac. Betrand Does Not Agree With Wirad. They Finally Make A Plan To Go Vacation​

Pertanyaan : Affan : I think this year we better not have vacation, just stay at home.Wira: Why?Affan : Because Covid-19 is still haunting us. Do you agree with me?Wira: I’m sorry, but I don’t agree with you.Affan : Any reason?Wira: Because covid is not that dangerous anymore. Even the government does not prohibit us from going abroad.Affan : But there are some cases that still exist.Wira : I know. The most important thing is that we must obey the health protocol. So we can go for vacation safely.Betrand : I agree with you, WiraWira: How about you, Affan. Do we have the same point of view now?Affan: I think so.Betrand: Great! Then let’s make a plan. From the text we know thatA. Wira finally agrees with the two of his friendsB. Affan thinks there is no more case of coronaC. Betrand does not agree with WiraD. They finally make a plan to go vacation​

Jawaban :
d. they finally make a plan to go vacation

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